Carers Tips

Flying pig2Top Ten Tips for Carers

1.  Ask another Carer: When stymied for information and advice, ask other carers.  One of them will know. 

2.  Don't want what you can't have: Caring can clip your wings, and it's not easy to feel bitter.  One  response is to shout "piglet."  A more effective one is to decide not to want what you can't have.

3.  Develop a thick skin: Carers have to be like double-glazing salesmen: thoroughly accustomed to rejection and totally resilient to it.

4.  Share the caring: It isn't your caree who has wrought this cataclysmic change in your life.  It's one another, not suffer in silence.

5.   Start Talking: Carers feel isolated.  But we aren't: there are millions of us.  We should talk to one another, not suffer in silence.

6.  Don't stop asking: Whether you're asking for support, equipment or information, the chances are you'll get a no answer, a wrong number or a 'There, there Dear' answer.

7.  Keep Caree Time: Carees operate at a slower pace, and it can drive you bonkers.  Answer: live within their time frame.

8.  Wear a special uniform: Carees often pay no attention to their carer, but slavishly follow the instructions of anyone in uniform.  You'd look silly in a uniform, but try adopting a professional demeanour and see if that works.

9.  Forgive yourself: For not being perfect.  People tell you you're a saint, which you know you're not  But then, when you lash out or swear, you're disillusioned with yourself.

10.  Be selfish: You may think you're selfish because from time to time you entertain evil thoughts.  The truth is you're not selfish enough.  Lower your standards a bit.  Be your own carer, sometimes.

Source: The Selfish Pig's Guide to Caring By Hugh Marriott