Our Mission

Our Mission Statement is "Caring for Carers"

CDo Willowbank TourCaring for Carers is a community funded group that supports those people who are providing unwaged care for a family member or friend with a long-term mental, intellectual or physical illness or disability.  This support is provided through acknowledgement, education and advocacy.

All too often the burden of caring for a person with a demanding illness falls on one or two of the immediate family members.  Carers can get discourage and lonely, angry and depressed.

Caring for Carers provides a caring and confidential environment in which carers can share their experience and feelings.  Needs can be discussed and where possible, help given or inquiries made into what is available from other sources.

Caring for Carers also liaises with a great number of community and government organisations to exchange information and to establish contacts which can be valuable to carers.